Guide book Design  Bright Ideas

University Project / Feb 2019


To design a guide book for Dundee that centres around a specific topic or aspect of the city.

I created a guide book detailing where to go to get inspiration for your art or design projects in Dundee as I felt this would be useful for my peers and me. It is shaped like a scrunched up piece of paper to mimic the stereotypical scene of an artist or designer tossing balled up pieces of paper into the bin, frustratedly trying to come up with an idea. The guide book can be unfolded to reveal a day of activities to spark your creativity and further unfolded to become a colourful A3 map of Dundee's city centre. 

I came up with this unique way of folding the paper so that when completely folded it resembles a ball of sorts that tucks into itself but can be unravelled to reveal three distinct layouts until the paper is completely unfolded.



Researching the locations I included in the guide book by visiting them and drawing them from life.


Mcmanus blue.png
DCA final.png
Mary Ann Lane finla.png
V&A yellow.png
Tearoom final.png
Tay bridge final.png
£1 shop final.png

I took photographs of the locations and digitally manipulated the images to create the illustrations for my guidebook. By choosing a bright, youthful and harmonious colour palette I appealed to the art student demographic I was aiming my guide book at.

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