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Campaign Design

Fr_nge on the Fr_dge


Fr_nge is an organisation that is creating a printed publication to celebrate and support the Edinburgh Fringe Festival artists and community who are facing difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our brief was to create a campaign that promotes the Fr_nge project and the work of the artists involved.


As a design collective of four we created ‘Fr_nge on the Fr_dge’ a playful campaign that encouraged the audience to print out the Fr_nge project’s artist work and stick it on their fridge. Because fridges are a common way of displaying artwork around the home, we wanted people to embrace the ‘at home’ lockdown version of the festival by turning their fridges into “fridge venues”. By providing a fun way for the audience to interact with and support the Fr_nge artists, we hoped this would reignite the Fringe buzz and reconnect the creative community.

The campaign would be conducted through five marketing channels: posters, online advertisements, stunt fridges, social media, and a website.

Poster and stunt fridge designs by Noni Farragher-Hanks


I designed and animated the website which is where all the other marketing channels lead. It provides a platform for the audience to interact with the artwork by printing it out and putting it on their fridge. It also encourages and facilitates donations to directly support the contributing artists and to fund the catalogue.

The website is a visualisation of the reach of the campaign, creating a sense of community. It also provides users with a visual representation of the difference their financial contributions are making, providing an incentive for donating.

Fully animated website walk-through

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