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Brand, Packaging, and Campaign Design

JUST Gender Inclusive Period Products


Create a brand identity, packaging, and campaign for a range of gender inclusive period products that make transgender and non-binary people as well as anyone who does not identify with the traditional femininity usually portrayed on period product packaging feel more represented and comfortable when purchasing and using the products.


JUST period products are designed to help alleviate some of the discomfort and gender dysphoria often felt by transgender and non-binary individuals when they are on their period while creating a more transparent and inclusive discourse surrounding menstruation and gender identity. JUST emphasises that period products are simply that, just period products that are not inherently gendered.

Transparency is a key feature of the brand to emphasise this message, from the transparency of the packaging to the clear language and authentic photography. This directly tackles taboos surrounding period products, putting them on show when they are so often hidden away.

JUST aims to help create a just society that is period proud and inclusive of all gender identities and expressions. On top of campaigning for inclusivity, they also financially contributes towards this goal, promising that with every purchase, a donation of their products will be made to an LGBT+ food bank or homelessness charity to help combat period poverty among the most vulnerable in society.

Transparent posters displayed on shop windows and transparent billboards.

Branded period aisle sign promoting gender inclusive language as opposed to the traditional 'feminine hygiene' signs.

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