Out of Your Hands box & cards

Infographic  Out of your Hands

University Project / April 2020


Out of your Hands logo

To design a poster or 3D object to display the information from a pre-existing online global data set.

I used a data set by David McCandless that showed the relationship between physical characteristics and the likelihood of contracting a certain ailment (e.g. having blue eyes means you are more likely to be anaemic). I thought these connections appeared rather arbitrary. To highlight this, I designed an impossible matching pairs card game where the player must match the physical characteristic to the ailment despite there being no logical connection. It also plays on the name of the data set, 'Out of your Hands', and the phrase 'playing the hand you are dealt'.

Out of Your Hands box & cards
Out of Your Hands box & cards
Out of Your Hands cards
Out of Your Hands cards
Out of Your Hands cards

Deciding where to draw the line between a fun, childish aesthetic and a more sinister one was challenging. The content of this data set could be seen as rather adult and dark so I wanted to create a slightly odd, potentially creepy illustration style to reflect this. However on the surface I still wanted it to appear fun to highlight how illogical the connections between the physical characteristics and the ailments were.

Out of Your Hands solutions
Out of Your Hands solutions
Out of Your Hands solutions

back of ailments cards

being tall card
short legs card
very overweight card
muscular strength card


long limbs card
left handedness card
cold sores card
fingers card
breast augmentation card
blue eyes card
baldness card
allergies card
prostate cancer card
heart attack card
alzheimer's card
suicide card
brain tumour card
anaemic card
alzheimer's card
pancreatic cancer card
cancer card
liver disease card
dementia card
paedophile card
blue back of card
red back of card

back of physical characteristics cards


Out of your Hands box design


Out of your Hands solutions
Out of your Hands solutions

The solutions are designed to be folded into a quad fold brochure that fits in the card box. They acknowledge the illogical and arbitrary nature of the game.

Out of your Hands sketchbook


card designs


box design

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